The makeup artist that says “no” to contour

by Maje Pérez-Ramos

“French people don’t contour. We don’t buy it. We don’t understand it.

It’s like putting on a mask, and that’s not what we’re into”.

– Violette


Violette is a French makeup artist who has earned global recognition thanks to her YouTube channel, with more than 300.000 subscribers. In it, her tutorials, full of chic à la française, reveal an approach to makeup more artistic that cosmetic. She thinks makeup should be a way of self-expression, a celebration of who you are, rather than a social imposition or something to hide behind. Her videos also show fragments of her New-York life: favorite restaurants, her friends, her office, her house…

Since its creation in 2015 the channel has wisely adapted to new social trends: it has acquired new collaborators, diversified its content and encourage diversity. Outside YouTube, Violette’s talent is confirmed by an impressive resume full of jobs at the best places: Vogue Paris, Dior, Sephora, Este Lauder… culminating with her recent appointment as Makeup Creative Director at Guerlain, the legendary French house of Perfumes and cosmetics founded in 1828 and currently in LVMH’s portfolio of brands.

Discover the world of Violette in her YouTube channel and her IG account. 

Image: @guerlain

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