Loic Prigent, the all-seing eye of French Fashion

by Maje Pérez-Ramos

Loic Prigent is a French journalist and documentarist specialized in Fashion. According to Wikipedia, he makes regular appearances in French press and TV and gained international recognition thanks to his documentary Signé Chanel (2005) which has been broadcasted worldwide. In 2019, he launched his YouTube channel and, in a couple months, he got more than 28000 subscribers. Here, he shows us  the behind-the-scenes of French Fashion in a relaxed and spontaneous way, just armed with his camera and one or two camera-men. In the backstage  of the bests shows, the most exclusive parties or the headquarters of the most famous maisons, Loic is always welcomed.

In his films, narrated by him with a humorous touch, he manages to humanize Fashion: munching on candy with the Chanel Haute Couture seamstresses at 21 Rue Cambon, giggling with Olivier Rousteing while visiting Balmain, watching how models are taught to walk at Elite’s parisian offices, having a chat with the best show producer during the set of a Isabel Marant show…

A different approach to this world which will delight Fashion enthusiasts.

Image: How to walk like a Super Model, Loic Prigent (2020)

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