What is the dress code of law firms and what are their functions?

by Esther Pérez

In the article in which Fashion Business Lawyer has collaborated for Iberian Lawyer, in the special edition of July-August 2021, we analyze together with other professionals of the legal sector what is the dress code of law firms and what are its functions.

The dress code is a set of internal guidelines that identify the way to dress to align the image of a company’s employees with the company’s philosophy and strengthen its professional image.

Lawyers are the best prescribers of law firms they can reinforce the confidence of their clients and generate trust in their potential clients. Although the dress code is also a tool for the lawyers themselves by helping them to enhance their personal brand image.

The smart casual trend has been consolidated in law firms after the pandemic, although it had already begun to be implemented in the legal sector a few years ago. This dress code leaves behind the tie, suit and heels and replaces them with formal and elegant but more comfortable clothing, without forgetting to wear a jacket or blazer.

Teleworking, the increased use of social networks by offices and professionals and the drastic reduction in the number of face-to-face meetings have allowed this dress code to be implemented more quickly.

In this article we highlight that:

“All firms should bear in mind that the dress code is an investment that generates value for the firm, by reinforcing the corporate culture and transmitting it through its best prescribers, which are the lawyers who are part of it.”

“The message conveyed is one of adaptation to change and closeness of the sector to its target public, but without affecting the quality, seriousness and professionalism characteristic of this sector”.

Read the full article here (pages 54 to 57)

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