Inditex, the company with the best corporate reputation in Spain for yet another year

by Esther Pérez

Inditex has once again been named the company with the best corporate reputation in Spain in 2021, according to the annual publication Merco, which is the benchmark corporate monitor in Latin America and which has been evaluating companies since 2000.

Inditex maintains its leading position in the general ranking of companies and in the ranking of the Fashion sector.

Other companies in the fashion industry that stand out as companies with the best corporate reputation in Spain in 2021 are:

  • Adidas, which reaches 57th place, after ranking 77th in 2020.
  • Nike, which rises to 67th place, after ranking 79th in 2020.
  • Mango, which is ranked 77th, after ranking 73rd in 2020.
  • Ecoalf, which joins the list in 99th place.

In the cosmetics sector, L’Oreal (23rd), P&G (37th) and Unilever (75th) stand out.

Pablo Isla, chairman of the Inditex Group, has also stood out for yet another year as the second leader with the best reputation in Spain, behind Juan Roig, chairman of Mercadona, who heads the list. Amancio Ortega (Inditex) once again holds fourth place in this general ranking of leaders.

Javier Goyeneche, chairman and founder of Ecoalf, rises to 35th place from 54th and Marta Álvarez, chairwoman of El Corte Inglés, rises to 40th place from 70th.

Other leaders in the fashion industry who stand out in this list are: Isak Andic, co-founder, owner and president of Mango, who is placed and maintained at number 31; Víctor del Pozo, CEO of El Corte Inglés, who is placed at number 68; and Adriana Domínguez, executive president of the Adolfo Domínguez group, who is placed at number 94, entering the ranking this year.

In the 2021 sectoral ranking of companies, the 14 companies with the best corporate reputation in Spain are the following:

Source: Sectoral Ranking of Companies 2021, Merco. (*) companies that did not appear in the 2020 sector ranking.

Merco points out that, for the preparation of these lists, it carried out a study with more than 47,235 surveys, seven evaluations and 25 sources of information, verified through an independent review by KPMG. Merco also involved the participation of 1,110 executives from large companies, as well as 90 NGO managers and other opinion groups.

The main areas evaluated to determine a company’s reputation were ethics and corporate responsibility. However, innovation, the working environment, economic-financial results, and corporate social and environmental responsibility also stand out as the most important values for determining a company’s reputation.

You will find Merco’s report at the following link.

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