Top stories of the week (22-26 November)

by Maje Pérez-Ramos
  1. Get an overview of the 2021 Black Friday and what it means for the fashion industry in this article by Sandra Halliday for Fashion Network.
  2. Brand collabs reach new heights of complexity: this week it’s physical, digital and three-way, between 1017 ALYX 9SM, Moncler and the video game Fortnite. Read the details in this article by Rachel Douglass for Fashion United.
  3. Google puts its technology at the service of fashion to achieve more sustainable supply chains. Global Fiber Impact Explorer is the search engine’s new platform with which fashion companies will be able to evaluate the environmental impact produced by their suppliers and look for more sustainable options. More details about it in this blog post by Google.

Image: @fortnite

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