This summer we are packing our bags for a voyage to the LV universe: Louis 200

by Esther Pérez

“200 years ago, in France, a visionary was born. His innovative ideas revolutionized leather goods and transformed travel into an art form (…) Happy Birthday Mr. Vuitton”. Louis Vuitton congratulates its founder and encourages us to immerse ourselves in the world and the art of Louis Vuitton through various experiences.

Louis the Game, a video game. This proposal includes 30NFT embedded, so-called “non-fungible tokens”, with digital clothing that can only be enjoyed virtually. With this game LV invites us to enter the visionary mind of Louis Vuitton through Vivienne, a flower explorer, and explore the world of LV. With Vivienne we will be able to collect 200 birthday candles and learn about the LV brand through 6 worlds: Louis’ Forest, The Shining City, The Kingdom of Adventure, Monogram Island, The Metropolis of the Sun and The Birthday Extravaganza.

The Visionaries, an exhibition of trunks. 200 collaborators from different backgrounds and disciplines have been called upon to create their own interpretation of the brand’s iconic trunk. The pieces can be seen on display in LV shops around the world.

Looking for Louis, a documentary. This documentary traces the history of Louis Vuitton, from its humble origins to the creation of the LV brand, bringing the life of the genius to everyone and will be available from December on Apple TV’s Explore channel.

A fictional novel. French writer Carolina Bongrand is the author of this book about the life and purpose of Louis Vuitton. It will be published in English and French in October by Gallimard.

To learn more about Louis Vuitton, who is 200 years old, and about the most valuable luxury brand in the world in 2021 according to the Kantar Group, and to celebrate their birthday with them, you can access their website.

Image: Louis Vuitton The Game

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